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SUGASEI.COM – Wok and Pan or Wok & Pan Restaurant is one of the restaurants in malaysia, exactly on 22g, Jalan Merdeka, Melaka Raya Park, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia. sugasei.com gives description about the restaurant complete with address and phone number. So you can book the place first by calling the existing number. The menu served will not disappoint.

Their opinion about wok & pan Restaurant, Famous for its food, famous for its service; Wok & Pan received a variety of reviews from all walks making it one of the hit or miss restaurants as far as dining experiences.

Earlier in many angles between small in the original shop Nadeje, has since been located back to the current location which has more dining room, with upstairs to be added. This storefront visibility has increased along the main road, but is a double-edged sword due to limited available parking spaces within reasonable walking distance.

This local western restaurant is a notch above the local campus-friendly TWS chain, but the attractive prices are similar if not slightly higher. However, its main differentiation is its non-halal status and is famous for its pork meat with mushroom sauce, or even the usual pork and pork burgers available.

source images : google maps

The customer service experience is a mixed bag and always inconsistent. The wait staff is unknown friendly, but manners. However, they are always the case of rude or inconsiderate staff to customers. There is also a head staff known loudly on the floor, clearly heard by all the diners making the dining experience sub-par. This problem however, is usually not there for those lucky enough to get a table upstairs when the ground floor is full.

Wok & Pan Restaurant, My favorid steak restaurant in malaka. It tastes good and unique, and the price is perfect for eating. I have tried the smoked honey prok ribs (very nice), the salmon steak (ok), the pork steak (very good), and the italian tomato soup (all time fave). But I really liked the crispy garlic bread. The place is cozy and family-run. I think the recipe is slightly modified to fit our asian tongue (not worth the western recipe).

For Muslims should really choose the menu when eating at wok & pan restaurant, because not all the menu is served Wok and Pan restaurant is kosher.

Address Wok and Pan Restaurant :

22g, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

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No. Telephon Wok and Pan Restaurant :

+60 17-673 8896

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