TWS – Melaka Raya (The Windmill Station), Restaurant Near Malaysia

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SUGASEI.COM – TWS – Melaka Raya (The Windmill Station) is one of the restaurants that exist in malaysia with cuisine or menu on offer is western cuisine. gives an overview of the restaurant complete with address and phone number. So you can book the place first by calling the existing number. Because of the popularity of this restaurant a lot of responding about TWS-Malacca Raya (The Windmill Station), There is a good response and some bad.

This is a very popular restaurant in Malacca. Many branches here but it seems consistent among them. Cheap even for students for such quality food. Well, i’ve tried both TWS Melaka Raya (The Windmill Station), in melaka raya and in admiral city. My lamb chop was not cooked up to my expectation. It is undercooked (which is nearing to raw) and tasteless.

Had fried rice and a large jug of plum fruit fruit juice. The boy has a fish and chicken combo. Ipar had a burger. Sister had brown rice. After 3 other tables were cleaned up, we were the only customers. TWS-Malacca Raya (The Windmill Station) Very cozy place, friendly staffs, good presentation in food, very delicious, you will get what your pay for and its worth it. Highly recommended.

Having purchased one get one free main meal coupon for this restaurant from a local brochure, we decided to use it on our last night in Melaka, and absolutely did not regret it. The food was great, and the drinks were delicious, all for 36RM for two people! Try TWS-Malacca Raya (The Windmill Station) mixed specifically for a little of everything. Highly recommended.

A great place to relax with friends and family. Most offer western food. This food is completely halal certified.

if you are curious about what the restaurant is offering, please come alone to prove it. following the full address.

Address TWS-Malacca Raya (The Windmill Station)

48 Jalan 13, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Website TWS-Malacca Raya (The Windmill Station)

Phone TWS-Malacca Raya (The Windmill Station)

+60 6-286 0178

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