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SUGASEI.COM – Seng Steam Fish Restaurant is one of the restaurants in malaysia. gives a picture of the dinantang restaurant complete with address and phone number. So you can book the place first by calling the existing number. Here’s the explan …

I came to this place sometime back. The steam fish is probably one of the best. Pricing is reasonable (by JB standards). A great family place. Many locals go to this place. (note the opening hours of this place, they close quite early. also go early if you can cos the better fishes can finish quite early)

Chinese restaurant which serve from morning till afternoon. Fresh fish and seafood. Steam fish is good, remember to try their deep fried fish too. Always crowded during lunch hour, but once you are seated, you will be served in 15mins after you placed your order.

We came here many times either ourselves ( 2 of us) or with our friends. We love the White Radish Soup, the Frying fish and the Steamed Pumkin dish and the Steamed Lala. The Lala was well cleaned and tasted yummy. The Boss and the Lady Boss were friendly. They have never overly advised us to order more than what we could consumed.

My favourite day restaurant, food is affordable. All dishes taste great. Speed of service and food is really fast. So good that they are usually closed for business by 2pm

Fried fish, pumpkin, cabbage and clams are my favourite dishes

Family restaurant that serve steam rare forget me not fish and sultan fish, other seafood also available and are also very fresh, steam cabbage, fried bitter gourd with egg, steam pumpkin are some of their other popular dishes.

Address Seng Steam Fish Restaurant :

-120, Malaysia, 100, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Phone :

+60 12-775 0511

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